The original Louie painting (hanging in the West Ashley Vet Clinic, Charleston, SC in 2012.)



noun: serendipity;  plural noun: serendipities

1.  the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


My first commissioned animal portrait.

My first commissioned animal portrait.

My first commissioned dog portrait accidentally happened in the summer of 2008...

The year before, I had purchased a home in Charleston and started using the extra bedroom as a painting studio.  Painting things that I love in my spare time, I started on a larger piece featuring my best (four-legged) friend, Louie, walking on the beach, captured with his lizard-like tongue swiping across his nose. 

It was so much fun painting my favorite muse.

That summer, the husband and wife team from the small pest control company I had hired, came to do their inspection of my home.  A few days later I got a call from the wife of the pair that went something like this:

"As we were inspecting your house this week, I noticed through the window a large dog painting on an easel...

Did you do that?...

I have four pit bulls that are like children to us, and I'd absolutely love to do some sort of trade …. a year's termite bond service in exchange for a portrait of my dogs?"

She went on to tell me so much about each of the dog's lives and mailed me a variety of photos with a written narrative on each dog.  This was foreshadowing for how so many of my conversations would go in the years to come....and, so, I traded my first commissioned dog portrait for a year's worth termite bond services!!