Born and raised in Burlington, NC, Gret's earliest memories involve drawing and painting animals, which has led to a lifelong career in the art and design world.  After initially entering into the College of Design at North Carolina State University as a Graphic Design major, she quickly realized that her heart remained in the fine arts and switched to a double major in Art & Design and Landscape Architecture.  After graduation, she moved to Charleston, South Carolina to begin her career as a landscape architect, working for a local firm for almost 13 years, while continuing to pursue painting on the side, and in 2018, made the leap into a career as a full-time artist.  Her extensive commission work as an animal portrait artist has developed over the last decade, evolving from the drawing and painting of her own spotted muse, Louie. (see also: Animal Portraits: Short Story.)

She paints in both acrylics and watercolors, sometimes working in other mediums such as oil sticks, graphite or charcoal, building in layers on the canvas.  She attempts to balance the dichotomy of realism and abstraction in her paintings by highlighting realistic details through bold color choices such as painting a zebra’s stripes blue. 

Gret states "My constantly evolving view of the natural living world guides and inspires my work on a daily basis."

She lives in Charleston and works out of her studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center.