Summer Sessions at Miller Gallery - August 2019

For a group exhibition at the Miller Gallery (in Charleston, SC), a dozen local artist were invited to paint skateboards based on any sort of musical inspiration.

After much debate (oh, the endless possibilities!)… I decided to use the Crosby, Stills, & Nash song, “Southern Cross” - a song that conjures adventure vibes, being on the water, sailing, and traveling. Drawing from my current exploration of coastal maps, I painted the Intercoastal Waterway as its runs by Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms, SC. These barrier islands fit perfectly onto the shape of the skate deck with the ICW running the length of it, a symbol of travel by water.

Opening reception for “Summer Sessions” at the Miller Gallery    Charleston, SC    August 24th, 2019

Opening reception for “Summer Sessions” at the Miller Gallery

Charleston, SC

August 24th, 2019

SOUTHERN CROSS/ acrylic paint on birchwood skate deck, coated in epoxy resin

From beginning to end, many layers of acrylic and a makeshift epoxy station later, this was such a fun project, and I was honored and excited to be included in the show!

Thank You to Miller Gallery!

Some of my new paintings in Art Mag!

Check out this article in Art Mag that discusses how 12 different local artist’s (including me!) work relates to the subject of a “Bid’s Eye Views” Two of my new waterway paintings were included : )

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.00.54 AM.png

link to article ——> “Bird’s Eye Views”

link to current Art Mag issue ——> Winter 2019 edition

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 12.53.32 AM.png

“Lighthouse Creek” 30 x 30 acrylic on wood panel

“Charleston Harbor mini” (2) 6” x 8” acrylic on birch panel

“Charleston Harbor mini” (2) 6” x 8” acrylic on birch panel

“Charleston Harbor” 20” x 30”. acrylic and oil stick on wood panel

“Charleston Harbor” 20” x 30”. acrylic and oil stick on wood panel

“Bermudaful” - 25 x 25 - acrylic and oil stick on wood panel

“Bermudaful” - 25 x 25 - acrylic and oil stick on wood panel

Valentine Card Making Workshop (taught by me!)

This Monday, February 4th from 6:00 - 8:30 I’ll be teaching a valentine card-making workshop at Redux Contemporary Art Center! I’ll be bringing all kinds of unique and fun materials, from fabrics and ribbons (I hoard them) to fancy paper, paints and pens…

To sign up, go to: and look under February class listings for my name!

Feel free to bring drinks (BYOB for 21+) and snacks and come ready to to be crafty and have fun!


Garden & Gun's International Sporting Excursion 2018 - England

This fall, Garden & Gun’s International Sporting Excursion was held in England, and like last year, I helped create the place cards for the finale dinner at Lucknam Park. The theme this year being British-inspired: phonebooths, the Union Jack, roses, pheasants, horses, and tea time were the focus.

Here are some shots of the table scape at the dinner:

Here are some pictures of the in-progress place cards from the first sketches in my studio at Redux to calligraphy by Page Palmer….

Watercolor Place Cards for Garden & Gun .....

In September I did a series of 40 small watercolor paintings that were used as place cards at an event in Italy at the Lo Sparviere vineyard that Garden&Gun hosted.

Here are some images of the watercolor pieces pre-calligrapher.....

And here are some pictures (post-calligrapher for the names!) from the place cards at the event...

Iceland Part 2: the southwest

Sooo, on our second full day in Iceland, we left Reykjavík and headed South to the town of Hveragerði....only about an hour's drive - but a drive filled with SUCH dramatic landscapes, as all Icelandic drives are!  Hveragerði is considered the "gateway to the South" and conveniently located for a number of sights/adventures, but our main draw was the Frost and Fire hotel (Frost og Funi) and the geothermally heated river (the Varma River) that runs right behind it. Much of the hotel's food was prepared using geothermal heat, as well (see the picture, below, of Ted cooking an egg one morning using this technique, right beside the big pots of soups and whatever else was on the menu for that night's dinner). 

We stayed at the Frost and Fire for 3 nights and on the first full day in Hveragerði, we hiked  through the Reykjadalur Valley to the hot springs - which was as amazing as it sounds. The spring was SO hot at the top, towards the source and cooled off as it flowed further down. - felt like hot bath water.  The hike wasn't too difficult (about 2 miles each way) - more amazing landscapes (geysers, cliffs, waterfalls, lots of grazing sheep...a beautiful sunset) and if we were to go back, I'd pack picnic lunches and some beer and plan on staying at the hot springs much longer. It was so, so nice....

On our second full day in Hveragerði, we drove northeast 45 minutes to the nearby town of Reykholt to Friðheimar, the largest tomato producing greenhouse in Iceland!  They literally harvest a ton of tomatoes every single day at this place - over 370 tons a year. This region is one of the most fertile  for growing in the entire country. The greenhouses are all geothermally heated (seeing a theme here?), the water is super pure, and the space-saving pully system they use for the tomato vines was amazing to witness (we got a tour).    Only the most efficient breed of bees are used for pollinating and they are brought in, in cardboard boxes (see picture above, taken through the clear plastic window into one of the boxes that was on display).  Annnnd, there is a restaurant within the greenhouse that is off-the-charts delicious - a small lunch menu with everything on it having some sort of tomato aspect to it - and delicious tomato cocktails (I had a Happy Mary, gin + green tomato juice : ) and Ted got a shot of tomato schnapps served in a hollowed out cherry tomato!) This was hands-down one of my very favorite meals we ate in the two weeks we spent in Iceland.  Later that evening, we hiked around the hills near the hotel, had a grocery store picnic in bed, and sat in the hot tub that night hoping to see a glimpse of the northern lights (but it was overcast).  The next morning we had plans for an all day horseback ride to the beach - one of the biggest days of my life!! 

More to come in the next Iceland Installment : )


Iceland Part 1: Reykjavík

Soooooo, back in September, Ted and I went on an incredible two week adventure in Iceland.....with way too many pictures for just one post, here are pictures from our first few days in Reykjavik ....

And a little narration: 

Leaving the Carolina's/flying into Keflavík, stopping by the Blue Lagoon (we assumed we could stop by for a soak on our way to Reykjavík from the airport, but were wrong since the place books up weeks in advance, so we made a reservation and ended up stopping again at the very end of our trip).  

Next stop: Reykjavik.  We camped out at a cafe with croissants, beer and (most importantly) wifi,  while we waited on our Airbnb host to get in touch, and for the apartment to be ready - delirious after the red eye ..... we spent the afternoon walking along Laugavegur, the main shopping street, down to the harbor - eating a delicious dinner of mussels and langoustine (= small lobster) soup at Höfnin and watching the sun set on the water.  We wandered the city again the next morning, stopping for coffee, having hot dogs for lunch at Bæjarins beztu (a super popular hot dog stand in central Reykjavík), and checking out a few landmarks along the way: Reykjavík City Hall, an impressive building on the northern shore of the Lake Tjörnin and Hallgrímskirkja, the largest church in Iceland.  

Reykjavík is such a fun, friendly, walkable city - a lot like Charleston - I wished we had planned for another day or two there, but I knew we would be back for at least a day and night at the end of the trip.

Next up ----> Part 2: Hveragerði and the Southwest coming soon.....


If interested in buying a art gift certificate for someone special this year, I've set up $50, $100, $150 and $200 certificate  amounts, available for purchase in my online shop - and if there is another $dollar$ amount you'd like to purchase, just shoot me a message and I can set up a custom listing in my shop for that amount, you pay via credit card and i'll ship the gift certificate to you (or if time is an issue - for all the last minute shoppers out there - i can email you one.)

Gift certificates can be used towards a custom pet portrait OR towards any art in my online shop!

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G R E T  M A C K I N T O S H  A R T gift cert for website.jpg

The Gadsden House

A wedding gift for my brother and now sister-in-law : )

A pen & ink (and watercolor, and gouche) of the Gadsden House, their wedding venue in downtown Charleston.

If you're interested in commissioning an architectural drawing like this, shoot me an email and we can work out the details - currently, I charge $195 for an 8x10 (on paper/unframed), including shipping.


Here’s another watercolor commission of the Gadsden House - but from the other side….just wanted to have them both images here for comparison….same thing applies, contact me for info on commissioning a painting for your invites, guest registry, or wedding gift!


Shuck it! Let's Party!

It's oyster season!

....and here are some oyster-themed sketches I did last month (a combo of marker, pencil and gouche) for Douglas & Ashley's oyster roast invite ---->

Mini Watercolor Paintings for Sale!

Next Friday, August 19th from 3-8pm at my Studio Sale, (1244 Marvin Ave - Charleston, SC 29407) I will have (unframed) watercolor paintings for sale in 2 sizes:  4"x 6" (for $15) and 5" x 7" (for $20).  These are watercolors I've created during my Carolina travels over the past year or two.

A few of the settings:  Linville Gorge, Beech Mountain, and Topsail Island in North Carolina,  John's Island, Rockville and the Congaree Swamp in South Carolina...

Here's a preview of the available assortment: