Iceland Part 1: Reykjavík

Soooooo, back in September, Ted and I went on an incredible two week adventure in Iceland.....with way too many pictures for just one post, here are pictures from our first few days in Reykjavik ....

And a little narration: 

Leaving the Carolina's/flying into Keflavík, stopping by the Blue Lagoon (we assumed we could stop by for a soak on our way to Reykjavík from the airport, but were wrong since the place books up weeks in advance, so we made a reservation and ended up stopping again at the very end of our trip).  

Next stop: Reykjavik.  We camped out at a cafe with croissants, beer and (most importantly) wifi,  while we waited on our Airbnb host to get in touch, and for the apartment to be ready - delirious after the red eye ..... we spent the afternoon walking along Laugavegur, the main shopping street, down to the harbor - eating a delicious dinner of mussels and langoustine (= small lobster) soup at Höfnin and watching the sun set on the water.  We wandered the city again the next morning, stopping for coffee, having hot dogs for lunch at Bæjarins beztu (a super popular hot dog stand in central Reykjavík), and checking out a few landmarks along the way: Reykjavík City Hall, an impressive building on the northern shore of the Lake Tjörnin and Hallgrímskirkja, the largest church in Iceland.  

Reykjavík is such a fun, friendly, walkable city - a lot like Charleston - I wished we had planned for another day or two there, but I knew we would be back for at least a day and night at the end of the trip.

Next up ----> Part 2: Hveragerði and the Southwest coming soon.....