dog portrait

2015 Animal Portraits #bygret ----

2016 is already off to an incredibly busy start with the animal portraits ...but before I get too submersed in the new year, it's nice to look back at some of my work from last year....

Pet Portrait Process Pics.... (and fun with alliteration!)

Here are a few in-process shots I took while painting this cute little Yorkiepoo named Dixie.

I always start by putting a few coats of color on the background (that way, there isn't any bare canvas peeking through if certain spots of the background do show through).  Then, I sketch the animal onto the canvas in pencil and build the paint up from there!  It's neat to see the phases captured in pictures - It gives it a sorta color-by-numbers look to the process.  The highlights and the details always come last, along with a coat of varnish for protection.

Carlos, my latest pet portrait subject...

...and on a side note: with Christmas right around the corner (crazy, I know ), the holiday commission orders are already coming in!  Turn around time is usually around 4-6 weeks depending on size of painting, so contact me soon to get on the list!

Louie: A Sketch Series ---

We were up on Beech Mountain (NC) with the fam for the weekend, during which my Lou turned 12! 

So, in celebration, i did a little sketch series….