Awakening II: Fieldwork

When:   June 2014

Where:   1630 Meeting Street

In June 2014, Ted and I were selected with about 20 other artists to create an art installation to "awaken the landscape" surrounding the, now renovated, building at 1630 Meeting Street, downtown Charleston.

After walking the site, this was the sketch of our proposed idea that we submitted to Enough Pie.....

A few weeks later, we put together the real-life version of my sketch.  Ted built the teepee in our backyard, dismantled it, and re-built it on-site a few days before the event (easier said, than done).  We used branches from a crape myrtle that needed to be cut down in Ted's mom's yard - perfect for the job with their lovely bark and subtle curves.  Old sailboat sails became the teepee fabric, and to round out the scene, we added Ted's gorgeous (and well-loved) wooden canoe (built by him in 2009).  

I painted a series of (20) 8"x 8" paintings of air plants (on wood panels) that we hung (strung using brass s-hooks together, and suspended from a copper pole) in the teepee, now serving as a micro-art gallery.  To add to the vibe, we framed the air plant painting display with ferns, bromeliads, and amethyst crystals, and Ted created the perfect resting spot using a couple of oak stumps and a raw plank of majestic live oak for the bench seat.  

A link to more images from the event Awakening II: Fieldwork through the Enough Pie website and to see more of Ted's amazing boat-related work, go to Barrier Island Boatbuilder's website.