Awakening I

when:    July 13th 2013

where:   1600 Meeting Street - Charleston, South Carolina

The local non-profit, Enough Pie, put out a call for artists to help "awaken" a recently purchased, 100-year old building, located in the upper peninsula area of downtown Charleston.  The building hadn't been occupied since the 80's, had no working electricity or water, and was in all-around disrepair.  The goal was to allow a select group of artists to transform their individual spaces (through a wide variety of mediums and methods) and host a one day art show/performance event before the building was to be renovated later that year (into a creative hub for artists and creative businesses!).

Here's a link to Enough Pie's website and the Awakening Announcement.


The conceptual sketch of my vision for the installation that i submitted to Enough Pie to be in the running to be a selected artist:


The before of my space, the set-up process, and one of my extra-special helpers…


THE DAY OF THE EVENT!!!   (and a yarn-bombed entrance to the building.)

Here's a link with more images from the event:  An Awakening In Review

and another link to The Awakening Mini-documentary.